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Response to Sayers



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Articles are not accepted unless 6 copies are sent, clearly typed on
one side of A4 paper, double-spaced, not reduced xeroxes or poor
quality dot matrix, and include a one-paragraph summary and word
count, to:

Radical Philosophy, c/o Jean Grimshaw,
North View, Dundry Lane, Dundry,
Bristol BS 18 UG.

Material is accepted for publication in Radical Philosophy on the
understanding that copyright is assigned to the Radical Philosophy
collective unless other arrangements are explicitly made. Where
copyright is held by Radical Philosophy, up to ten copies of any
article may be reproduced for teaching purposes without charge,
provided that Radical Philosophy is acknowledged as the original

BOOKS FOR REVIEW to: Sean Sayers, Darwin College,
University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NY
NEWS items are welcome.

Please send details of events, reports, etc. on relevant topics to:

Radical Philosophy, c/o Peter Osborne, Faculty of Humanities,
Middlesex University, White Hart Lane, London N 17 8HR
ADVERTISING: Radical Philosophy, c/o Howard Feather,
Department of Sociology, University of East London, Barking
Campus, Longbridge Road, Barking, Essex

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Copy deadlines: 1st December / 1st April / 1st Aug~st

Radical Philosophy is run by an Editorial Collective with about
twenty members, who work on an entirely voluntary basis and
without any outside support.

The journal appears three times a year. The editorial process is
co-ordinated by an Editorial Group with three members, drawn by
rotation from the Editorial Collective. Each member of the
Editorial Group serves for one year, with one member being
replaced as each issue of the magazine is finalised. The senior
member of the Editorial Group serves as Issue Editor for one issue.

The Issue Editor is responsible for seeing that each article
submitted is read and refereed by the Editorial Group plus three
other members of the Editorial Collective, one of whom is appointed Article Editor and thus takes responsibility for
communication with the author.

Reviews are processed separately. The Reviews Editor is
responsible for commisioning reviews and for relations with

The full Editorial Collective considers the recommendations of
the Editorial Group and the Reviews Editor and takes final editorial

ISSUE EDITOR: Kevin Magill
EDITED BY: Chris Arthur, Anne Beezer, Ted Benton,
Nadine Cartner, Andrew Collier, Gregory Elliott, Russell Keat,
Peter Osborne, Noel Parker, Jonathan Ree, Sean Sayers

Jonathan Ree teaches Philosophy at Middlesex University
Frands Mulhern is Professor of Critical Studies at Middlesex

Kelly Oliver teaches philosophy at the University of Texas, Austin.

Her book Reading Kristeva: Unravelling the double-bind has just
been published by Indiana University Press

Peter Os borne teaches Philosophy at Middlesex University
Stale Finke is a research student at the University of Essex
Bob Brecher teaches Humanities at Brighton University

Members of the Radical Philosophy Collective are willing to come
and talk to discussion groups interested in Radical Philosophy.

They can be contacted via the editorial address.

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