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59 Reviews

Alan J. Friedman and Carol C. Donley, Einstein as Myth and Muse
Jonathan Powers

Mike S. Dufrenne, In the Presence of the Sensuous
Matthew Rampley

Louis Althusser, Philosophy and the Spontaneous Philosophy of The Scientists and Other Essays
Alison Assiter, Althusser and Feminism
Andrew Collier, Scientific Realism and Socialist Thought
Ted Benton

Andrew Benjamin, Translation and the Nature of Philosophy: A New Theory of Words
Jean-Jacques Lecercle

Clemens Lugowski, Form, Individuality and the Novel
Mike Gardiner

Ted Honderich, Conservatism
Kevin Magill

Julia Kristeva, Language, the Unknown: an Initiation into Linguistics
Roman Jakobson, Language in Literature
Julie Tetel Andresen, Linguistics in America
Jonathan Rée

Nicole Ward Jouve, White Woman Speaks with Forked Tongue: Criticism as Autobiography
Alex Klaushofer

Henry Allison, Kant’s Theory of Freedom
Philip Stratton-Lake

Michel Vovelle, Ideologies and Mentalities
David Macey

Michael Redhead, Incompleteness, Nonlocality and Realism: A Prolegomenon to the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
Jonathan Powers

Tony Smith, The Logic of Marx’ s ‘Capital’: Replies to Hegelian Criticisms
Chris Arthur

Ian Aitken, Film and Reform: John Grierson and the Documentary Film Movement
Graham McCann

Berel Lang, The Anatomy of Philosophical Style
Matthew Rampley

Jean Baudrillard, Revenge of the Crystal: Selected Writings on the Modern Object and its Destiny, 1968-1988
Jean Baudrillard, Fatal Strategies
Christopher Norris, What’s Wrong with Postmodernism: Critical Theory and the Ends of Philosophy
Steve Redhead

Arie Brand, The Force of Reason: An Introduction to Habermas’ Theory of Communicative Action
Nick Smith

Mary Lyndon Shanley and Carole Pateman, eds., Feminist Interpretations and Political Theory
Lucinda Sargisson

H. T. Wilson, Marx’s Critical/Dialectical Procedure
Chris Arthur

Larry Laudan, Science and Relativism
David Lamb

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