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Reviewing Rancière. Or, the persistence of discrepancies

Dossier: The Althusser–Rancière Controversy
by / RP 170 (Nov/Dec 2011) / Article, Dossier, The Althusser–Rancière Controversy

In the nearly four decades since its original publication, Althusser’s Lesson has acquired a certain mythical aura as the dark precursor of things to come. Even with the wealth of translations of Jacques Rancière’s work that have been published at an increasingly feverish pace over the past few years in the wake of the …

Between sharing and antagonism

The invention of communism in the early Marx
by / RP 166 (Mar/Apr 2011) / Article

London calling

Why talk about communism today?* A first point everybody will be agreed upon: the spectre of communism is not haunting Europe, nor for that matter any other region of the world. The only place where ‘communism’ is a positive name for anything is China, where it designates the ruling party of one of …

Humanism = Speciesism

Marx on Humans and Animals
by / RP 050 (Autumn 1988) / Article

This paper1 is intended to form part of a more extended exploration of some key texts of Marx from the standpoint of the so-called ‘new’ social movements (though some of these pre-date the Marxist tradition itself!). Here, I shall be focussing on the early work of Marx – especially the Economic and Philosophical …

Hegel, Feuerbach, Marx and Negativity

by / RP 035 (Autumn 1983) / Article

Objectification and Alienation in Marx and Hegel

by / RP 030 (Spring 1982) / Article

Personality and the Dialectic of Labour and Property

Locke, Hegel, Marx
by / RP 026 (Autumn 1980) / Article