The Valuation of Nature

Commentary The valuation of nature The Natural Choice White Paper Kathryn yusoff How to value biodiversity and the mutable thing called nature, in the context of biodiversity loss in the UK and elsewhere, is a question that has been vexing biologists, conservation groups, environmental lawyers and indigenous groups. The question is posed in the context […]

The unmaking of a treaty

News The unmaking of a treaty The convention on biological diversity The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), formulated in 1992, was a toughly negotiated international treaty. Although negotiated in the global political ambience of the new unipolar world order and the first, unopposed Western victory in Iraq, the Southern negotiators displayed unusual unity and negotiation […]

Aporias of free trade

Aporias of free trade The nature of biodiversity Diana reese and lecia rosenthal Primitive accumulation is not produced just once at the dawn of capitalism, but is continually reproducing itself. Deleuze and Guattari, Anti-Oedipus1In a climate rife with threats of species extinction, we propose a genealogy of the discourse of the late twentieth century in […]