Feminist Epistemology: An Impossible Project?

Feminist Epistemology: An Impossible Project? Margareta Halberg This paper takes up the recent epistemological turn in feminist theory and some of the problems thereby raised. The fundamental aim of feminist theories in general is to analyze (and change) gender relations. It may be argued that the term ‘epistemology’ in feminist discourse should not be defined […]

Philosophy and Aggression

Philosophy and Aggression Jean Grimshaw It is not uncommonly suggested that whereas men tend to have an aggressive or competitive style of interacting or conducting a debate or a discussion, women tend to be more co-operative. They listen better, are more supportive of other people’s contributions; they are less prone to be assertive, more anxious […]

More on Market Socialism; A Level Philosophy: A Reply to Roche

Comment Soris Frankel More on Market Socia.lism I In Radical Philosophy 39 Alec Nove rejected my argument concerning the historical obsolescence of market soclallsm. Nove particularly emphasised that my lack of an alternative model was no substitute for his own ‘feasible soclallsm’ model. While I plead guilty to lacking an elaborate blueprint of the future […]