Normativity at the edge of reason

Cecile Malaspina, An Epistemology of Noise (London: Bloomsbury, 2018). 256pp., £90.00 hb., £28.99 pb., , In recent years noise seems to have become an interdisciplinary concept par excellence, apt to capture important dynamics at work whether in technological, scientific, social or aesthetic domains. But when economists, biologists, psychologists, and musicians speak of noise, are they […]

54 Reviews

REVIEWS Isidor Feinstein Stone, The Trial of Socrates, London, Cape, 1988, xi + 282pp, £12.95 hb, ISBN 022402591-0 Near the end of his life 1. F. Stone turned away from the hidden history of US politics to look at an older story, the trial of Socrates. Always a defender of democracy and freedom of speech, […]

Roar so wildly

Commentary Roar so wildly Spam, technology and language Finn brunton The machines in the shop roar so wildly thatoften I forget in the roar that I am; I amlost in the terrible tumult, my ego disappears, Iam a machine. I work, and work, and work without end; I am busy, and busy, and busy at […]