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REVIEWS Wakey wakey John Gray, Enlightenment’s Wake: Politics and Culture at the Close of the Modern Age, Routledge, London and New York, 1995. x + 203 pp., £19.99 hb., 0 415 12475 1. Why should the collapse of the Berlin Wall have come to stand as the symbol of the revolutions which swept away historical […]

Paul Feyerabend, 1924-1994

Paul Feyerabend, 1924-1994 A Personal Memoir Paul Feyerabend died on February 11, a month after his seventieth birthday. He wrote the last of his many letters to me in October 1993, and on the outside of the envelope, in typically casual fashion, he scribbled a message saying that he might soon be coming to Brighton, […]

How to Defend Society Against Science

and of universal hUmanism, but by shortsighted against incompr~hensible neglect of the workers’ education, against authoritarian relatonships particular interests of the ruling apparatus of within the League of Communists, against the intropower. It is very characteristic that parallel duction of censorship and bureaucratic pressures with the development of the campa~gn against us for self-censorship, against […]

Seeds of Freedom

formations from a particular, materialist and thoroughly experimental basis., The material base of socialism is simultaneously its moral base: how direct producers are, and the thousand’s of struggles involved in understanding what it is to be a direct producer under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Above all, socialist revolution is not equivalent to a regime […]

Reason and Violence

REAson AnD UIOlEn[E A fragment of the ideology of liberal intellectuals Ray Edgley The antithesis between reason and violence: some contemporary examples I want to consider a version of the ic!ea that violence is contrary to reason, or to put another way what may seem to be the same point, that reason and violence are […]