Philosophy for children

Philosophy for children Matthew charles A well‑orchestrated public relations campaign led pri‑marily by educational charity The Philosophy Shop has helped raise the profile of the philosophy for children movement in the UK significantly over the last few years. Whilst The Philosophy Shop has been promoting its ‘Four Rs’ campaign to make ‘Reason‑ing’ a central feature […]

Theory’ and ‘Practice’ in the sociology of Paulo Freire

4 5 HMSO, 1963, App.Two(A), Annek K. 6 Cited in Danie1s and Schouten, op. cit., pp16ff. The same conclusion has been drawn from the observation of constant pass rates in the British GCE (a-level) over the years despite a tremendous increase in numbers of candidates. Cp. John Pearce, School Examinations (Macmi11an, London, 1972, p103): ‘The […]