3 Editorial

_DIAL PHIlOSOPHY 3 WINTER 1972 .. Since our last issue one of the most encouraging developments has been the formation of several new local groups. There are at least two functions these groups can perform both useful and neither necessarily exclusive of the other. A group aay provide a context in which ideas, ~nich are […]

The Statist Conception of Politics

THE STADSI [On[EPTIOn OF POLITI[S Tanv Skillen philosophically sanctified. Moral and Political Philosophy are taught as separate fields: evidently the problems of the politician (the Statesman) are not the problems of the ordinary chap, save at such times when the ordinary chap goes to the po:ls or lobbies his M.P. (the Citizen) or marches to […]

Deleuze and cosmopolitanism

Deleuze and cosmopolitanism John sellars The status of the political within the work of Gilles Deleuze has recently become a topic of contention. [1] Two recent books argue the case for two extremes among a range of possible interpretations. At one end of the spectrum, Peter Hallward has argued that Deleuze╩╝s personal ethic of deterritorialization […]