Black Socrates?

Black Socrates? Questioning the philosophical tradition Simon Critchley Inconsiderateness in the face of tradition is reverence for the past. Martin Heidegger, Sophistes Funk not only moves, it can remove. George Clinton, P. Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) Philosophy tells itself stories. l One might go further and claim that the life of philosophy, the […]

Hans-Georg Gadamer

INTERVIEW: Hans-Georg Gadamer ‘Without poets there is no philosophy’ RP: Poetry has always been very important to you, and you once wrote that philosophy needs to be written rather like poetry. Do you find it easy to write? Is it a pleasure for you? Gadamer: No. It is violence. It is a torture. Dialogue is […]

Backwoods musicology

Commentary Backwoods musicology Roger Scruton’s aesthetics of music Ben watson Roger Scruton is a right-wing pundit regularly rolled out by the British media to voice ʻbravely unfashionableʼ points of view. After the march against New Labour organized by the Countryside Alliance, he published a book in defence of fox-hunting. However, unlike most backwoods right-wingers, Scruton […]