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Forensic architecture

Only the criminal can solve the crime
by / RP 164 (Nov/Dec 2010) / Article

A strange story unfolded in the shadows of the legal and diplomatic furore that accompanied the release, on 15 September 2009, of Richard Goldstone’s Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, which alleged that the Israeli army (and Hamas) committed war crimes, and indeed that Israel …

Slumming it

Mike Davis’s grand narrative of urban revolution
by / RP 142 (Mar/Apr 2007) / Article

The concept of metropolis

Philosophy and urban form
by / RP 133 (Sep/Oct 2005) / Article

In what sense would a certain concept of the urban meet, as Henri Lefebvre asserted some thirty-five years ago, a ʻtheoretical needʼ? What forms of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary ʻgeneralityʼ would be at stake here? And if this is indeed, as Lefebvre always insisted, a question of a necessary ʻelaboration, a search, a conceptual formulationʼ, what …