A transition period…

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Dear subscribers,

As an independently-published journal which has for many years had to outsource the management of its subscription system, we’re excited to be bringing all of that in house at the moment – our databases, subscriber support and payment processes. Not only should this give us more control and flexibility over the publishing process, it will hopefully also mean that anyone who subscribes will get their copies reliably and with less hassle than has been formerly the case.

These changes involve some major work to our web systems and we might have to disable certain functions temporarily. We might accidentally even break them. Some features that are currently offline:

* Username logins – We’re working on upgrading to a proper username/password system. In the mean time, please log in with your 5-7 digit subscription code, which is printed above your name on the envelope of your last issue. Any alternative username you might have set will no longer work.

We ask for your patience during this transition period, and if you have any problems please do get in contact.

For subscription queries, including subscription code reminder: subs@radicalphilosophy.com
For general website issues, including bug reports: web@radicalphilosophy.com

Our new individual subscription and institutional subscription forms are already live, so if you would like to take out a subscription – new or renewed – and have had trouble doing so in the past, please do now have another go.

The radical philosophy team

2 March 2015

Last updated: 13 April 2015