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In 2010 the UK government imposed huge cuts and market-driven reforms on higher education. Proposals to raise undergraduate tuition fees provoked the angriest protests for decades. This academic year has seen the first cohort of students begin study under the new arrangements. A proposed Higher Education Bill has been shelved, but changes are being cemented and extended through other means.

Displaying a stunning grasp of the financial and policy details, Andrew McGettigan surveys the emerging brave new world of higher education. He looks at the big questions: What will be the role of universities within society? How will they be funded? What kind of experiences will they offer students? Where does the public interest lie?

Written in a clear and accessible style, The Great University Gamble outlines the architecture of the new policy regime and tracks the developments on the ground. It is an urgent warning that our universities and colleges are now open to commercial pressures, which threaten to transform education from a public good into a private, individual financial investment.

Andrew McGettigan lives in London and writes on philosophy, the arts and education. He is the author of the Intergenerational Foundation report, False Accounting? Why the Government’s Higher Education Reforms don’t Add Up (2012).

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ISBN: 9780745332932
Extent: 232pp
Release Date: 20 Apr 2013
Size: 215mm x 135mm

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