Radical Philosophy Conference 2011 Programme

Friday 21 October 2011
Columbia University, New York

(Note: Click on session titles for abstracts)

9.00–9.30 – Registration

9.30–9.45 – Introductions: Gayatri Spivak, Peter Osborne, Etienne Balibar

9.45–11.15 – Opening Plenary: Postcolonial Worlds 1

Chair: Gayatri Spivak

‘Bilingual Thoughts on Knowledge and Action’
Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui (Workshop on Andean Oral History, Bolivia)

‘On the Question of “Political Violence” Today’
Rosalind C. Morris (Anthropology, Columbia University)

11.40–13.10 – Parallel Sessions 1

A. Representing Capitalism

Chair: Matthew Charles (RP)

‘Is Representation Possible Without Reification?’
Tim Bewes (English, Brown University)

‘The Historical Novel of Contemporary Capitalism’
David Cunningham (RP/English, University of Westminster)

‘Marx’s Realist Intention’
Kristin Ross (Comparative Literature, New York University)

B. Biocapital and Security

Chair: Esther Leslie (RP)

‘Capitalist Resilience’
Mark Neocleous (RP/Politics, Brunel University, London)

‘Socialism, Biopolitics, Futurity’
Claudia Aradau (RP/International Relations, King’s College London)

‘Pharmaceutical Crises, Questions of Value, and Biopolitics Elsewhere’
Kaushik Sunder Rajan (Anthropology, University of Chicago)

13.10–14.30 – Lunch & Book Sales

14.30–16.00 – Parallel Sessions 2

A. Temporalities of Crisis

Chair: David Cunningham (RP)

‘On Not Knowing Greek’
Antonia Birnbaum (Philosophy, University of Paris 8 )

Crisis and Contemporaneity
Peter Osborne (RP/Philosophy, Kingston University London)

‘Presents Past: History and “Time’s Turmoil”’
Harry Harootunian (Literature, Duke University)

B. Politics of Information

Chair: Claudia Aradau (RP)

‘Speculative Realism As Symptom: Computationalist Ideologies’
David Golumbia (English, Virginia Commonwealth University)

‘Liquid Crystal Aesthetics’
Esther Leslie (RP/English, Birkbeck, University of London)

‘Civilizations Without Boats: Security, Property, Piracy and the Walled City’
Finn Brunton (School of Information, University of Michigan Ann Arbor)

16.00–16.30 – Coffee break

16.30–18.00 – Closing Plenary: Postcolonial Worlds 2

Chair: Peter Osborne (RP)

‘Caring about the Universal?’
Souleymane Bachir Daigne (Philosophy, Columbia University)

‘Freedom in Spinoza’
Marilena Chaui (Philosophy, University of Sao Paulo)

18.00–19.30 – Reception