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Kate Soper, Troubled Pleasures: Writings on Politics, Gender and Hedonism Peter Osborne, ed., Socialism and the Limits of Liberalism Dave Archard Richard Rorty, Objectivity, Relativism and Truth and Essays on Heidegger and Others, Philosophical Papers, Vols. I and II Kate Soper Terry Eagleton, Ideology: An Introduction Richard Rorty Gary Saul Morson and Caryl Emerson, Mikhail Bakhtin: Creation of […]

American Philosophy: R.I.P.; Crossing the Channel; The Astrological Scene

News, Comment and Letters AMERICAN ?HILOSOPHY: R.I.P. The latest 0984-85) series of lectures sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy was on ‘American Philosophy’. Given the history of this prestigious series (now in its nineteenth year), this was anunusual choice. The Institute has never been radical in its deployment of this interesting piece of intellectual […]