Discussion: Wittgenstein’s Conservatism

Discussion Willgenslein’s Conservalism K. T. Fann, in his admirably lucid article (‘ lVi ttgenstein and bourgeois philosophy’ , Radical Philosophy 8, p24ff) recommends that radicnl philosophers should adapt to their own purposes the methods of the later Wittgenstein. Given, however, that a radical philosopher as such aiMs at altering widely-accepted modes of thought- and action […]

Is Philosophy Really Necessary?

new world. Tradition and faith were two of the most powerful bulwarks of the old regine. and the philosophical attackes constituted an immediate historical action. Today. however. it is not a matter of eliminating a creed. for in the totalitarian states. where the noisiest appeal is made to heroism and a lofty Weltanschauung, neither faith […]