Masters, Slaves and Others

Masters, Slaves and Others Genevieve Lloyd In The Second Sex; Simone de Beauvoir utilised some of the basic concepts of Sartre’s Being and Nothingness – concepts such as ‘immanence’ and ‘transcendence’, ‘being-for-self’ and ‘being-for-others’, ‘bad faith’ and ‘authenticity’ – in a profound diagnosis of the con4ition of women. That she could thus use the framework […]

Women’s Studies at the Open University; Australasian Committee on Women in Philosophy

.’ .,er [ to neuro-biological or physical schemes and that in Lacan the model, the reference, has been mainly Zinguistia (or more recently topo~ogiaa~) does not affect the radical particularity and separate existence of the fundamental psychoanalytical concepts which refer to a specific experience and are created in order to designate this experience. That this […]