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right sources to draw on, and I am in general sympathy with Pilling’s approach. However, it must be said that he does not go beyond his sources. Much of the book consists in the rehearsal of familiar passages from Marx. I would say therefore that the book is likely not to be too exciting for […]

30 Letters

CORRESPONDENCE Dear Radical Philosophy, < Oh, come on Jennifer Todd (RP 28), why don't you stop flogging a dead horse. There's no point in making political art; there's just no meat left – the flies have taken .it all. It's all been consumed away, turned into culture and thrown back at us as another form […]

Georg Lukács, Walter Benjamin, and the Motivation to make Political Art

‘eorg Lukuc:s, Waiter Benjamin, and the Motivation to make Politic:al Art Jennifer Todd In this paper I re-explore the relations which do and which should hold between art and politics. I reaffirm the traditional Marxist view that there is an overlap between socialist politics and aesthetic activity from which both politics and art should benefit. […]