Black-Palestinian Solidarity conference: Contesting settler nationalisms

The Black-Palestinian Solidarity conference was held at the University of Melbourne on 6–8 November 2019. The central interest of the conference was to strengthen Indigenous solidarity, establish relationships and engage with forms of resistance against the ongoing settler-colonial occupation of Aboriginal nations in the continent now known as Australia and in Palestine. By settler-colonial governance, […]

From Berg to Beyoncé: Adorno and Politics: 1st Istanbul Critical Theory Conference, Boğaziçi University

The organizers’ opening address to this conference laid out an ambitious aim: to weigh up the Aktualität of Adorno’s critical theory in its capacity as a heuristic, pedagogical tool for the analysis of current political crises in Turkey and beyond; to go ‘with Adorno, beyond Adorno’ by applying the precepts of his negative dialectic to […]

Benjamin in Ramallah: Who Owns Walter Benjamin?

On the Place and Non-Place of Radical Thought, Ramallah, 5–11 December 2015The aim of this international conference, which unfolded over five days in and around Ramallah, was to reflect on the critical productivity of Walter Benjamin’s philosophy in present-day Palestine. Gathering over a hundred participants, including a strong Palestinian contingent of artists, scholars and students, ‘Benjamin in Palestine’ […]

Critical philosophy of race: here and now: 5–6 June 2014, Senate House, University of London

CONFERENCE REPORT Critical philosophy of race: here and now 5–6 June 2014, Senate House, University of LondonConceived as a political intervention into British philosophy, the aim of the ‘Critical Philosophy of Race: Here and Now’ conference was to bring about a confrontation between debates in the critical philosophy of race (CPR) and the analytic philosophical […]

Chinese Women and Feminist Thought, Beijing,22-24 June 1995

NEWS Chinese women and feminist thought: an international symposium An international symposium on Chinese Women and Feminist Thought was held in Beijing on 22-24 June 1995, hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, funded by the Ford Foundation, and originating in the annual Philosophy Summer School organized jointly by academics from China, Britain and […]

Deconstruction and the Political, University of Essex, 27-28 October 1994

NEWS Deconstruction and the Political (or how not to speak, while still speaking, of deconstruction and politics) More than two decades ago, in one of Jacques Derrida’s first Derrida’s concepts of hegemony. Aletta Norval investigated interviews, Jean-Louis Houdebine advanced the ‘first sketch the ‘hybridity’ of subjective identity in relation to post- of a question: what […]

Technology and Subjectivity’, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University, 29 October 1994

NEWS Uneasy Excitement ‘Technology and Subjectivity’, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy Middlesex University, 29 October 1994 A few days before the ‘Technology and Subjectivity’ conference there was an item on MTV about ‘surfing on the cyberspace’ followed by a report on a surfers’ convention organised to raise awareness of the problem of sea […]

British Society for Phenomenology, Oxford, 15-17 April 1994; Foucault Conference, London, 25 June 1994

Miliband’s consistency, comprehensiveness and breadth, not to mention his commitment and lucidity. Marxist historians like E. P. Thompson have contributed greatly to the denaturalisation of capitalism, and to the affirmation of other human possibilities, by tracing its history back to its contested origins, to the confrontation of capitalist principles with other, resistant practices and values. […]

Marxism 93, London, 1993; Modernism: Poetics, Politics, Practice, King’s College, Cambridge, 1993

conference at Birkbeck College. He will be remembered by all who knew him for his amiability, his modesty, the ever renewed breadth of his interests, and above all, for his intellectual generosity. We will miss him. His publications include: 1978: Marxism and Education: A Study of Phenomenological and Marxist Approaches to Education (RKP) 1982: Education, […]

Democracy and Difference, Yale University, 15-18 April 1993; Derrida: Spectres Of Marx, University of Warwick, 20 May 1993; The First European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Aix-en-Provence, 23-26 April 1993

Discussing Deliberative Democracy Democracy and Difference Yale University, 15-18 April 1993 It is New Haven in April. The annual meeting of the Conference for the Study of Political Thought has ‘descended upon Yale University to debate ‘Democracy and Difference’. The agenda for this year’s Conference, set by Seyla Benhabib, manifests her desire to bring together […]

The Spirit of Postmodernism (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 27 February); Rethinking Critical Theory (University of Essex, 27 February 1993); Maurice Blanchot (London, 6-8 January 1993)

For Godd’s Sake The Spirit of Postmodernism Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 27 February 1993 It seemed that Marx had forgotten to add that not only worldhistorical events but also academic conferences occur twice, the second time as farce. This conference was timed to coincide with the publication of the papers collected from an earlier […]

The Lost Map of Atlantis: Deleuze in Conference; Aesthetic Novelties (International Conference for Aesthetics, Hanover, 2-5 September 1992); Virtually Real (Realism and the Human Sciences Conference, Oxford, 24-26 July 1992)

NEWS God Bless You, Mr Rosewater Feminist Fortunes in the New Latvia Booking my ticket for Riga, I had not expected a discussion on the shifting geographical boundaries of Europe. Where were the Baltic States, I was asked, and, for insurance purposes, could they be said to be safely European? Qualification for membership was a […]

The Forum for European Philosophy; Honouring Levinas: ‘Visage et Sinaï ’, Collège International de Philosophie, 8–9 December 1996; Cogito humana: dynamics of knowledge and values XVIIth German Conference for Philosophy, University of Leipzig, 23–27 September 1996

53 News A funny thing happened…The Forum for European Philosophy The last few years have seen some signs of a significant historical shift in the intellectual posture and self-understanding of analytical philosophy in Britain. One such indication has been the recent spate of publications and conferences concerned with the origins of analytical philosophy as a […]

SWIP Conference at Kent

56with this point on page 94. ^ I am perfectly aware of the relationship between Hocquenghem and Schérer, but this book is not a biography, and detail of the literal-minded kind not its concern. More bizarrely and substantially, the reviewer chooses to ignore whole aspects of the book – the specificity of the French context […]

Hegel and contemporary ethics

News Hegel and contemporary ethicsThe Annual Conference of the Hegel Society of Great Britain took place as usual in the first week of September at Pembroke College, Oxford. This yearʼs uncommonly voguish theme, ʻHegel and Contemporary Ethicsʼ, promised much, as did the impressive line-up of speakers, which included three of Americaʼs finest young scholars of […]

Social Emancipation: One Hundred and Fifty Years After The Communist Manifesto; From Enlightenment to Dialectics: Dialectic of Enlightenment: Anniversary blues

News Anniversary blues Social Emancipation: One Hundred and Fifty Years After The Communist Manifesto 17–20 February 1998, Centro Capitolio, Havana. From Enlightenment to Dialectics: Dialectic of Enlightenment 26–28 February 1998, Columbia University/New School for Social Research/Goethe Institute, New York. Integral to this argument is the critique of such notions as ʻsocial controlʼ and ʻlabour aristocracyʼ, […]

Going Australian: Reconfiguring Feminism and Philosophy, 6–8 February 1998, University of Warwick, UK

News Affectivity British Society for Phenomenology Conference, 3–5 April 1998, OxfordWebbʼs critical questioning focused on the issue of whether Heidegger is able to think radically enough the differentiation – which occurs in and through the saying of language – between a thing and its horizon of givenness, which is thereby the dimension of the thingʼs […]