León Rozitchner, 1924–2011

Obituary Politics and subjectivity, head-to-head León Rozitchner, 1924–2011 When León Rozitchner passed away on 4 September 2011 after months in the hospital where he had been battling the complications of a cancer operation, his long-time friend and the current director of the National Library of Argentina, Horacio González, referred to him as ‘the philosopher the […]

David Macey, 1949-2011

Obituary Biographer of the French intellectual Left David Macey, 1949–2011 David Macey died from complications of lung cancer on 7 October. He embodied the paradox of being a fine public intellectual while remaining an intensely private person. He was one of the best intellectual historians of his generation and added appreciably to scholarly knowledge, yet […]

Margaret Whitford, 1947–2011

Obituary Margaret Whitford, 1947–2011 ‘i t is difficult to convey the desert which faced women philosophers in Britain in the early 1980s’, Margaret Whitford once remarked. It was a desert that Margaret’s own work was pivotal in modifying. At a time when feminism was flourishing outside the academy, philosophy seemed especially immune from its influence; […]

Gilles Deleuze, 1925-1995

SYMPOSIUM Gilles Deleuze, 1925-1995 One of the saints D eleuze was a singular combination of philosophical and scientific culture, aesthetic inspiration and enormous generosity of spirit. If, as he and Guattari suggested, Spinoza was the Christ of philosophers, then Deleuze was surely one of the saints. Nietzsche suggests that what distinguished the saints was their […]

Karl Popper, 1902-1994

SYMPOSIUM Karl Popper, 1902-1994 Learning from negative instances n 17 September 1994, Karl Popper died at the age of 92. He was described as the official .opposition of the Vienna Circle, the philosophical club which in the interwar penod espoused the then popular doctrine of ‘logical positivism’. His relations with that club were ‘friendly-hostile’, to […]

Ralph Miliband, 1923-1994

NEWS Ralph Miliband, 1924 – 1994 The Common Sense of Socialism For anyone studying or teaching politics in the late 1960s and 1970s, the publication ofRalph Miliband’ s The State in Capitalist Society in 1969 was a watershed. The ‘pluralist’ theories which had dominated the discipline, especially in North America, somehow never quite recovered from […]

Paul Feyerabend, 1924-1994

Paul Feyerabend, 1924-1994 A Personal Memoir Paul Feyerabend died on February 11, a month after his seventieth birthday. He wrote the last of his many letters to me in October 1993, and on the outside of the envelope, in typically casual fashion, he scribbled a message saying that he might soon be coming to Brighton, […]

George Rude, 1910-1993

NEWS George Rude, 191 0-1993 George Rude belonged to that remarkable florescence of post -war British Marxist historiography which has played a major part in shaping the methodological and substantive agendas of contemporary historiography. The intellectual and political formation of that generation, whose prominent figures include Rodney Hilton, Christopher Hill, E. P. Thompson and E. […]

Raymond Williams, 1921-1988

tially pragmatic form. However, he does insist that normative assent is often surprisingly widespread, and that a shared belief in reciprocal service between dominant and dominated lies at the heart of symbolic consensus. It is not clear whether Godelier holds this to be true transhistorically, or whether he thinks that there must always be some […]