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15 Contents Page

Science, Social Science and Socialist Science:

Reason as Dialectic – :R oy Edgley


Personal Autonomy and Historical
Materialism – Richard Archer


On Materialisms – Kate Soper


DISCUSSION: Dialectic – Peter Mew
Paul Gregory

Jonathan Fee: Jean-Paul Sartre, Critique
of Dialectical Reason; Pietro Chiodi,
Sartre and Marxis.m ; Ian Craib, Existentialism and Sociology
Andrew Collier: Pietro Chiodi,. Sartre and
Colin Gordon: Michel Foucault (ed), I, Pierre
Riviere …

Dave Jackson: Robert Pirsig, Zen and the
Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Peter Binns: note on Pirsig


Peter .renkins: Geeff Hodgson, Trotsky and
Fatalistic Marxism
Steven Lukes: Jack Lively, Democracy
Jonathan Ree: Michael Weston, Morality and
the Self
Tom Duddy: Ellen Wood, Mind and Politics



Books and journals received
NEWS etc



Front cover by Trevor Jago
Drawings by Paul Spooner



This issue was edited by
Jonathan Ree (co-ordinator), Mike Dawney, Russell
Keat, Mike Erben (reviews), John Krige, Hip
Bulkeley, Dave Berry, Ted Benton, Colin Gordon,
David Murray, Tony Skill en, Chris Arthur, Kate
Soper, Alison Assiter, Michele Gunn, Richard Gunn
Layout by Colin Gordon, David Murray, Joanna
Hodge, Jonathan Ree, Mike Dawney
Typesetting by Jo Foster


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Radical Philosophy Group

The Radical Philosophy Group grew out of the convergence of two currents which had been largely formed by
the student movement of the 1960s – on the one hand, discontent, especially among students, with the sterile
and complacent philosophy taught in British universities and colleges; on the other hand, a revival of interest in the theoretical work on the left and a recognition of the need to confront the ideology enshrined in
orthodox academic disciplines. The Radical Philosophy Group has always contended that these two problems
can be tackled together – that philosophical inquiry into fundamental issues must lead to the exposure of
conservatism masquerading” as formal reason.

Academic philosophy in this country has generally accepted and defended the frame of reference of th’e
dominant bourgeois culture. This culture is supported and mirrored by the elitist isolation, the internal
hierarchies and demarcations, of academic institutions. The Radical Philosophy Group therefore wqrks for
·reforms in courses and assessment$ for the enlargement of students’ control over their education, for the
breaking down of barriers between philosophy and other disciplines and between academic institutions and
the outside world.

The Group has held several conferences, and local groups have been formed which have organised meetings
and agitated on local issues. Radical Philosophy is the magazine of the Radical Philosophy Group, and has
come out three times a year ~ince January 1972. It aims to criticise the current state of philosophy in the
English-speaking world and to encourage philosophical discussion on the left, and welcomes any contributions which will serve these aims.

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