Contents Issue 2.03

Starting again from Marx Antonio Negri The Palestinian Museum Hanan Toukan Dossier: Economies and Times of Deportation The deportation power Nicholas De Genova Deportation, nation state, capital Clara Lecadet Expulsion, power, mobilisation William Walters Stolen time Shahram Khosravi Fallen angel Peter Hallward The politics of miscarriage Victoria Browne Agustin García Calvo in our time Vicente […]

Contents Issue 2.02

Five theses on sabotage in the shadow of fossil capital Jeff Diamanti and Mark Simpson Powerless companions or fellow travellers? Human rights and the neoliberal assault on postcolonial economic justice Jessica Whyte What are popular economies? Some reflections from Argentina Verónica Gago Between subject and citizen: On Etienne Balibar’s foundations for philosophical anthropology Warren Montag […]