Contents Issue 2.03

Starting again from Marx
Antonio Negri

The Palestinian Museum
Hanan Toukan

Dossier: Economies and Times of Deportation

The deportation power
Nicholas De Genova

Deportation, nation state, capital
Clara Lecadet

Expulsion, power, mobilisation
William Walters

Stolen time
Shahram Khosravi

Fallen angel
Peter Hallward

The politics of miscarriage
Victoria Browne

Agustin García Calvo in our time
Vicente Ordóñez

Forgetting Vietnam
Trinh T. Minh-ha with Lucie Kim-Chi Mercier


Pierre Charbonnier et al., Comparative Metaphysics
Miri Davidson

François Cusset, Le déchaînement du monde
Elsa Dorlin, Se défendre
Emmanuel Jouai

Laura Briggs, How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics
Sophie Jones

Galen Strawson, Things That Bother Me
W. Thomas Pepper

Jasbir K. Puar, The Right to Maim
James Eastwood

Theodor W. Adorno, Aesthetics
Louis Hartnoll

Clare Hemmings, Considering Emma Goldman
Victoria Hesford

Jean-Paul Sartre et al., It is Right to Rebel
Jussi Palmusaari

Tom Bunyard, Debord, Time and Spectacle
Eric-John Russell

Kuhar and Paternotte, eds, Anti-Gender Campaigns
Eva von Redecker

Stanley Cavell, 1926-2018
Daniele Lorenzini

Paul Virilio, 1932–2018
Paolo Fabbri

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