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18 Reviews

B. Hindess and P. Q. Hirst, Pre-capitalist modes of production
B. Hindess and P. Q. Hirst, Mode of production and social formation: An auto-critique of ‘Pre-capitalist modes of production’
Graham Burchell

Working Papers in Cultural Studies, No. 10: On Ideology
Ian Craib

Walter Benjamin, The Origin of German Tragic Drama
Michael Ryan

Jean-Pierre Faye, ed., Portugal – The revolution in the labyrinth
Colin Gordon

Bernard Bykhovskii, Kierkegaard
Roger Waterhouse

Émile Durkheim, The Evolution of Educational Thought: Lectures on the Formation and Development of Secondary Education in France
Jonathan Rée

Sang-Ki Kim, The problem of the contingency of the world in Husserl’s phenomenology
Roger Waterhouse

Arnold Wesker, Words as definitions of experience
Graham Catterwell

W. L. McBride, The Philosophy of Marx

Victor Cousin, Défence de l’Université et de la Philosophie
Jonathan Rée

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