18 Reviews

B. Hindess and P. Q. Hirst, Pre-capitalist modes of production B. Hindess and P. Q. Hirst, Mode of production and social formation: An auto-critique of ‘Pre-capitalist modes of production’ Graham Burchell Working Papers in Cultural Studies, No. 10: On Ideology Ian Craib Walter Benjamin, The Origin of German Tragic Drama Michael Ryan Jean-Pierre Faye, ed., […]

Letter from France

J~ader.s Meeting A second RP readers’ and editors’ meeting to discuss articles appearing in this issue will be held on 20 June at 8 pm in the upstairs room of ┬Ěthe Lamb and Flag, Rose street, London WC2 (off Long Acre, between Covent Garden and Leicester Square tube stations). Lette.. f..om r ….ca (The authors […]