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68 Reviews

Jon Elster, Political Psychology
Marcus Roberts

Lin Chun, The British New Left
Gregory Elliott

Ross Harrison, Democracy
Anne Phillips, Democracy and Difference
David Copp, Jean Hampton and John E. Roemer, eds., The Idea of Democracy
David Archard

A. Phillips Griffiths, ed., A. J. Ayer: Memorial Essays
Jonathan Dancy and Ernest Sosa, eds., A Companion to Epistemology
Tim Crane, ed., The Contents of Experience: Essays on Perception
Kevin Magill

Michael Taussig, Mimesis and Alterity
Susan Purdie, Comedy
Veronique M. Foti, Heidegger and the Poets
Andrew Hadfield

Bruno Latour, We Have Never Been Modern
Peter Caws

Mary Jeanne Larrabee, ed., An Ethic of Care: Feminist and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Rita C. Manning, Speaking from the Heart: A Feminist Perspective on Ethics
Anne Seller

Kate Fullbrook and Edward Fullbrook, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre: The Remaking of a Twentieth-Century Legend
Jean Grimshaw

David Krell, Daimon Life
John Sallis, Reading Heidegger
William Large

Jean Baudrillard, The Transparency of Evil
Jean Baudrillard, Baudrillard Live
John O’ Reilly

Scott Bukatman, Terminal Identity
John Armitage

Michel Foucault and Ludwig Binswanger, Dream and Existence
David Macey

Bertell Ollman, Dialectical Investigations
David Walker

Peter Fenves, ed., Raising the Tone of Philosophy: Late Essays by Immanuel Kant, Transformative Critique by Jacques Derrida
Willy Maley

Tony Fry, ed., RUATV?: Heidegger and the Televisual
Max de Gaynesford

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