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Elasticity of demand

Reflections on 'The Wire'
by / RP 154 (Mar/Apr 2009) / Article


Adam Smith and death in the life of the universal
by / RP 134 (Nov/Dec 2005) / Article

Louis Althusser began Reading Capital with the statement, ʻWe have all certainly read and are all reading [Marxʼs] Capital.ʼ While Althusser is undoubtedly addressing here his seminar, the focus of which was precisely Marxʼs Capital, the sentence that follows elevates the act of reading this particular text to the status of the universal: the entire …

The fate of the body politic

by / RP 108 (Jul/Aug 2001) / Article

Self help

Clinton, Blair and the politics of personal responsibility
by / RP 101 (May/Jun 2000) / Article

What, then, should the new relationship between society and individual consist of? First, it involves a new concept of citizenship, in which rights and responsibilities go together…. As is so clear the more you examine the rise in crime and social disorder in Britain, the problem has been that the Left has tended to …

Doctrinaire Liberalism

by / RP 039 (Spring 1985) / Article

What’s so Right about Adam Smith?

by / RP 030 (Spring 1982) / Article