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Arthur C. Danto

Art and analysis
by and / RP 090 (Jul/Aug 1998) / Interview

RP: Your philosophical work appears to be made up of two fairly distinct strands: what one might call a mainstream analytical strand and a more unconventional aesthetic strand. The second strand is dissident, first because itʼs about aesthetics – it takes art seriously, philosophically – and second because itʼs broadly Hegelian in inspiration. Historically, analytical …

Who are my peers?

The Research Assessment Exercise in Philosophy
by / RP 083 (May/Jun 1997) / Commentary

Timely Meditations

by / RP 055 (Summer 1990) / Article

The Question ‘Why Do I Do Philosophy?’

by / RP 045 (Spring 1987) / Article

American Philosophy: R.I.P.; Crossing the Channel; The Astrological Scene

by / RP 040 (Summer 1985) / News