Terror of the social

Reivew of Galen Strawson, Things That Bother Me
Galen Strawson, Things That Bother Me: Death, Freedom, the Self, Etc. (New York: New York Review of Books, 2018). 236pp., £11.99 pb., 978 1 68237 220 4 In his most recent book, apparently meant for a general audience and made up of essays previously appearing in non-scholarly publications, Galen Strawson has provided a nice recap […]

Heidegger: an Assessment

Heidegger: an Assessment Roger Waterhouse This is the last of three articles on Heidegger. The first traced Heidegger’s early development. The second analysed the argument of ‘Being and Time’. This third considers his later career and assesses his philosophy as a whole. After Being and Time was published in 1927 IIeidegger found himself acclaimed throughout […]

Media and Images

practice, or realism and idealism. Different forms of it are attacked in different books. In The Clue to History Macmurray looks at the split between the theory and practice of religion; in Reason and Emotion he argues that the real distinction should be intellect and emotion, and that both are capable of rationality or irrationality. […]

The new Bergsonism: Discipline, subjectivity and freedom

This article is intended to raise a number of connected issues. It concludes by suggesting that certain theories of self-organization, in particular the theory of autopoiesis developed by Humberto Maturana, Francisco Varela and, latterly, Fritjof Capra, might help us to reassess how we view the relationship between discipline, subjectivity and freedom. However, the first half […]