Conservatism, Ideology, Rationale, and a Red Light

Conservatism, Ideology, Rationale, and a Red Light Ted Honderich Among reviews of my Conservatism, Kevin Magill’s in Radical Philosophy 59 several times struck me as the most challenging. It is not Tory bumble, of course, and it has all his characterful intelligence. But in my re-readings of it, it fails to fulfil its promise. It […]

Hegel and the French Revolution

Hegel was born in 1770 and died in 1831. Thus he lived through the most revolutionary epoch the world had yet seen: the overthrow of the old regime in France, the revolutionary wars of Napoleon, his defeat, the restorations. Even at the time of Hegel’s death everything appeared still unsettled. History has still work to […]

Is Philosophy Really Necessary?

new world. Tradition and faith were two of the most powerful bulwarks of the old regine. and the philosophical attackes constituted an immediate historical action. Today. however. it is not a matter of eliminating a creed. for in the totalitarian states. where the noisiest appeal is made to heroism and a lofty Weltanschauung, neither faith […]