Towards a Materialist Theory of Ideology

TOWARDS A MATERIALIST THEORY or mEOLOGY: The IQ Debale as a Case Sludy Les Levidow In the Race-IQ debate which has resurfaced in Britain and the USA since 1969, socialist critiques of IQ science have centred upon some notion or other of ‘ideology’. That term has been invoked largely as an insult, intended to mean […]

Notes: the inheritance of intelligence and ideology

Noles Report on work in progress THE INHERITANCE OF INTELLIGENCE AND IDEOLOGY I want to under-take a project of Marxist journalism wi th respect to the curr_ent political/scientific debate over IQ; understanding the present as history requires revealing the social basis for the views of all those involved, including the scientists on both sides, the […]

The soul of soulless conditions?

Commentary The soul of soulless conditions? Accounting for genetic fundamentalism Joseph schwartz Twenty-five years ago, I was browsing in my university library when I came across Richard Hernnsteinʼs article ʻIQ and the Meritocracyʼ in the Atlantic Monthly. My heart sank. ʻNot that againʼ, I thought. A few days later my brother Mike rang. He insisted […]