Seeds of Freedom: Feyerabend's Fairytales

formations from a particular, materialist and thoroughly experimental basis., The material base of socialism is simultaneously its moral base: how direct producers are, and the thousand’s of struggles involved in understanding what it is to be a direct producer under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Above all, socialist revolution is not equivalent to a regime […]

Thomas Kuhn, 1922-1996

Symposium Thomas Kuhn, 1922–1996Paradigms as soft structures Kuhnʼs The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was, despite the modesty of its author, a revolutionary work. Like Darwinʼs Origin of Species (with which it shares many other likenesses), its wider cultural and political resonances far exceeded the intentions and expectations of its author – both in scope and […]

The brain and thought

No doubt we all like to think that we think, and many of us would like to know how it is that we think as we do.* It appears that the question has ceased to be a purely theoretical one. It now seems that more and more of the powers that be [plus en plus […]