The future of post-socialism

The future of post-socialism Michael Rustin This article discusses three contributions to new thinking on the Left. * Two of these, Anthony Giddens’ s Beyond Left and Right: The Future ofRadical Politics and David Miliband’s collection Reinventing the Left (to which Giddens contributes the first chapter), set out to provide the new thinking which the […]

Ralph Miliband, 1923-1994

NEWS Ralph Miliband, 1924 – 1994 The Common Sense of Socialism For anyone studying or teaching politics in the late 1960s and 1970s, the publication ofRalph Miliband’ s The State in Capitalist Society in 1969 was a watershed. The ‘pluralist’ theories which had dominated the discipline, especially in North America, somehow never quite recovered from […]

16 Reviews

Reviews Goodbye to all that’ ‘1 Perry Anderson, Considerations on western Marxism, New Left Books, 121pp, £4 Marx in British culture Through the sixties and early seventies English academic’ Marxism lay back with its legs open. We experienced the successive thrills of penetration by the giants of continental European Marxist philosophy. Lukacs, Korsch, Adorno (perhaps […]