A Note on ‘Orthodox Linguistics’; Language and Linguistics: Reply to Bob Borsely and Deborah Cameron; Reply to Arthur

But even given this and many other preconditions – of which the careful reading of one anothers’ texts must be the most important – it may be that there is a limit soon reached where nothing more can be yielded, and nothing more defined; and it would be plausible to conjecture that those very reasons […]

Notes: Radical Linguistics

/ NOTIS Radical Llggulslic:s It is perhaps not immediately obvious how there could be a radical linguistics. After all, much linguistics, particularly grammatical theory, has no obvious political or social significance. Chomsky was recognizing this when he wrote some years ago that ‘I do not see any way to make my work as a linguist […]

A Note on R. S. Peters

A note on R. S. Peters Bob Borsley ” The ideological character of academic philosophy is much clearer in the work of some philosophers than others. One philosopher in whose writing it is particularly clear is R S Peters. In his ‘Social Principles and the Democratic State’ (written with S I Benn) , and ‘Ethics […]