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Reviews Anarchy, State and Utopia R A Nozick, Anarchy, State and Utopia, Blackwells, 1974 367pp £5.50 By elaborating A theory of Justice in terms of a general social, political and moral theory, and by arguing specifically for a form of welfarestate liberalism, John Rawls brought political philosophy back to the academic groves from the wilderness. […]

Supplement: Philosophy From Below

PHIEOSOPHY FROM PH I L 050 PHI CAL ADVicE 1”’£ t!.Ec.N “PlVIIII& Gc~f:~ J)~’c.uL:T’f 25p S,’-uA-r,NC’:r MY Wl11- f>R.o~I-E….,,,..ftc~ SU~Cll<.m- R.IGo~!! I I PHILOSoPHIC.A-L ADvicE -rAKE AN EPI’SfEtllol.O&/CAL BREAK. ‘2.5 PENCE Pt..EA~. 25 P aDDlaDls Out of the Depths GLASGOW SUSSEX ~IDDX. POLY PXFORD (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) Reds in the Bed Into the Unknown […]

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Reviews Retrieving democracy? c. B. MacPherson, Democratic Theory: Essays in Retrieval, Oxford University Press, hardback E2.75, ISBN 1982 71875, paperback El.25, ISBN 1982 71891 MacPherson presents two concepts of power corresponding to the two concepts of man’s essential nature. ‘Extractive power’ is what a man has insofar as he is a consumer; it can be […]

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REUIEWS THEORIES OF PRACTICE Richard Norman Richard J. Bernstein, Praxis and Action, Duckworth – 1972; £3.95 One of the declared aims of Radical Philosophy is to draw on alternative philosophical traditions as a way of overcoming the inadequacies of analytical philosophy. This is not to say that any of the other dominant traditions offers a […]