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opposition to all the other terms’, Saussure, p88}, there is ‘an incessant sliding of the signified under the signifier’ {Lacan, p154}. However, Saussure distinguishes the syntagmatic axis of language from the paradigmatic or associative. Syntagmatic is the linear dimension of language most apparent in the sentence, the ‘horizontal’ chain in which meaning is sequentially differentiated […]

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REVIEWS ANOTHER GOODBYE TO ALL THAT Charles Bettelheim, Questions sur la Chine apres la mort de Mao Tse-Tsoung, Maspero (Serie., Economie et Socialisme) 1978. English translation in Monthly Review, issue of July / August 1978 This long essay by Bettelheim was written in response to a Canadian resident in Peking, Neil Burton, who had questioned […]

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