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REVIEWS Reconstructing Structural Marxism Ted Benton, The Rise and Fall of Structural Marxism; Althusser and his Influence, Macmillan, London, 1984, 259pp lI8.00 hc, 1.6.95 pb Benton’s book has many facets: it is an introductory text, a re-evaluation and reconstruction of Structural Marxism, an argument for theoretical progress lying through the synthesis of Structural Marxism with […]

On Revolutionising the Darwin Industry

On Revolutionising the Darwin Industry: A Centennial Retrospect Jim Moore The centenary of Darwin’s death has come and gone amid perilous times. In 1882 England’s leading naturalist was interred at Westminster Abbey as ‘Fenian outrages’ convulsed political opinion on the eve of the Phoenix Park assassinations (Moore, 1982). A century, later the Irish troubles persist, […]