Chesterfield Socialist Conference , Realism Conference, biturary: Raya Dunayevskaya, Gender and Social Policy

NEWS Chesterfield Socialist Conference Called by the Campaign Group of Labour MPs, the Conference of Socialist Economists, and the Socialist Society, this conference was intended to reaffirm and redefine the socialist project in Britain for the 1990s. In his opening address, Ralph Miliband compared it to the great Leeds Convention of 1917 when socialists met […]

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EDITORIAL j i ! J This issue carries a wide-ranging series of articles ranging from the historical – consideration of Bergson’s influence on Sorel – to the immediate: Martin Barker’s analysis of the mass media and ideology. Readers will note Radical Philosophy’s steady expansion both in articles and reviews, a move in the opposite direction […]

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REVIEWS Reconstructing Structural Marxism Ted Benton, The Rise and Fall of Structural Marxism; Althusser and his Influence, Macmillan, London, 1984, 259pp lI8.00 hc, 1.6.95 pb Benton’s book has many facets: it is an introductory text, a re-evaluation and reconstruction of Structural Marxism, an argument for theoretical progress lying through the synthesis of Structural Marxism with […]

Towards a Theory of Videotics

Towards a Theory of Videotics Richard Osborne In the post-structuralist diaspora the search for a nontaxonomic ‘truth’, an understanding of the political history of the presentation of signs, demands that we interrogate our relationship to the notion of the materiality of the sign. From Copernicus to Warhol we have witnessed the destabiliza tion of the […]

Realism and the Philosophy of Science (Conference Report, Northern Association for Philosophy, Manchester Polytechnic, 25-26 February 1983); Confronting the Crisis: The Essex Sociology of Literature Conference; RP Day School on Ideology; Repression in Turkish Universities; Distribution, Disaster and the Economic Base

Does the Emperor have any Clothes? Wayne Hudson, The Marxist Philosophy of Ernst Bloch, MacMillan, 1982, i.20 hc Bloch’s philosophy is not yet well known in the Englishspeaking world, and yet it forms a remarkable contribution to the Marxist tradition. Bloch 0885-1977) was born and educated in Germany. During the Nazi period he was forced […]