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exclusively human characteristic. A spider conducts operations which resemble those of the weaver, and a bee would put many a human architect to shame by the construction of its honeycomb cells. But what distinguishes the worst architect from the best of bees is that the architect builds the cell in his mind before he constructs […]

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REVIEWS A MARXIST MATERIALISM? David Hillel Ruben, ~~~~~~~~~~~~, Marxism and Materialism Harvester /Humanities, £10.50 David Ruben sets out to contest ‘those idealist distortions that have managed to find their way into the theory and practice of Marxism”, in his opinion, over the past fifty years – roughly, since the publication of Luka.cs’ History and Class […]

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. a-evlews ~ The philosophy of opp..ession .Rip Bulkeley Hodge., Struckmann and Trost, Cultural Bases of Racism and Group Oppression, California, Two Riders Press, 1975 In the orthodox tradition of Philosophy, which we not our concern. We examine past and present patterns and thoughts tl) get an understanding of the basic ingredients of Western culture […]

On Mao’s ‘On Practice’

Rip Bwdkeley ‘At this time we arranged for a conference at West Lake, ‘Hangchow. This was early in 1922. The leading partieipants were Chen Tu-hsiu, Li Ta-chao, Chang Kuo-tao, I thi~, Chiu Chiu-pei, and one other, a very capable Hunanese student whose name I do not recall.’ Henk Sneevliet (alias Maring) to Harold Isaacs 1935 […]