The art of allusion: Hans-Georg Gadamer's philosophical interventions under National Socialism

The art of allusion Hans-Georg Gadamer’s philosophical interventions under National Socialism Theresa Orozco On 11 February 1995 Gadamer reached the age of ninety-five. The tributes that were paid to him were justifiably numerous; in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung he was celebrated as ‘the most successful philosopher of the Federal Republic’, placed even before Jurgen Habermas, […]

Philosophy, feminism and universalism

Philosophy, feminism and universal ism Jean Grimshaw During the last ten years or so, when I have been asked what my particular ‘interests’ are, I have usually said that I have been working on ‘feminism and philosophy’, or ‘philosophy and feminism’ – or perhaps, though less often, ‘feminist philosophy’. I have become increasingly interested in […]

Response to Gadamer Interview

LETTER Dear Radical Philosophy, I am not sure how the interview with Hans-Georg Gadamer earned its presence within the pages of a journal called Radical Philosophy. I am no expert on him, and I would like to be corrected, but it appears that the interviewers allowed him to slide away from what should have been […]

Revealing the Truth of Art

Revealing the Truth of Art Andrew Bowie Philosophical discussion of art in English tends not to aim its sights particularly high, and some Anglo-Saxon philosophy has effectively denied art any serious philosophical significance at all. In this light a contemporary German book* which wishes to argue for the truth of art over that of the […]

The task of the translator

Letter Thetask of the translator In his misplaced and surely excessive response to a footnote in Theresa Orozcoʼs essay on Gadamerʼs ʻphilosophical interventions under National Socialismʼ (RP 78) Andrew Bowie (Letters, RP 80) is not content to point out that Orozco has quoted a sentence from Manfred Frankʼs Stil in der Philosophie out of context, […]

Hans-Georg Gadamer, 1900–2002

Hans-Georg Gadamer, 1900–2002 The German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer died on 13 March 2002 in Heidelberg, where he had lived since 1949, having succeeded Karl Jaspers there as Professor of Philosophy. Gadamer was born in Marburg in 1900, the son of a pharmaceutical chemist. The family moved to Wroclaw (Breslau) in 1902, where Gadamer went to […]