The Importance of Stockhausen’s ‘INORI’

• The ImporlaDce of . SlockhauseD’s IINORl’ Gabriel losi2Qvici On Wednesday 23 Octob-e-r-I-=9=’=7=-4=–a-n-e-v-e-n-t-o-t-o-u-t-s-t-a-n-d—–t-~-:-‘o-n-s-t-o~b-e-u-n-de-r-t-a-k=–e-n-,-g-e-s-t-ur-e-s-t-o–b-e-ma-d-e-,-w-o-rds ing artistic importance took place at the London Coliseum: th~ first English performance of Stockhausen’s latest work, Inori, subtitled ‘Adorations for Soloist and Orchestra’. The soloist on this occasion was a mime, the extraordinary Elisabeth Clarke, and I am not sure whether […]

Backwoods musicology

Commentary Backwoods musicology Roger Scruton’s aesthetics of music Ben watson Roger Scruton is a right-wing pundit regularly rolled out by the British media to voice ʻbravely unfashionableʼ points of view. After the march against New Labour organized by the Countryside Alliance, he published a book in defence of fox-hunting. However, unlike most backwoods right-wingers, Scruton […]

NOISETHEORYNOISE#1, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University, 6 March 2004

News Walls of theoryNOISETHEORYNOISE#1, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University, 6 March 2004 ‘n oise is an unmapped continent, in comparison with which everything we recognize as music remains a parochial backwaterʼ, announced the organizers of this conference. Disdaining ʻpostmodern academicismʼs ostentatious displays of theoretical chicʼ, noise will invent its own theory. […]

Philosophizing post-punk

COMMENTARYPhilosophizing post-punk Ben watson Philosophers are talking more about music than they did in the past. This is partly to do with the rise of Adornoʼs star in the philosophical firmament and the fact that over half of his writings are devoted to music. But it is also because a generation that imbibed punk in […]