Not German enough?

Tom Bunyard, Debord, Time and Spectacle: Hegelian Marxism and Situationist Theory (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2018). 430pp., £123.00 hb., 978 9 00435 602 3 Amid the copious notes taken by Guy Debord on the philosophy of Hegel, the following extract from the preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit appears repeatedly: ‘By the little which satisfies […]

Guy Debord, 1931-1994

NEWS Guy Debord, 1931-1994 Guy Ernest Debord took his own life on the afternoon of be preceded by an address from its maker: ‘There is no film, Wednesday, 30 November 1994. He was 62 and knew that he Cinema is dead. There can be no film.’ was dying of a form of polyneuritis brought on […]

Philosophizing the everyday

Philosophizing the everyday The philosophy of praxis and the fate of cultural studies John roberts The following presents a genealogy and critique of the concept of the ʻeverydayʼ, looking at the philosophical, political and cultural conflicts and contexts which radically transformed its contents after the Russian Revolution from a term synonymous with the ʻdailyʼ and […]