Ideological Commitments in the Philosophy of Science: With a Comment on Ravetz by Edgley

Ideological Commitments in the Philosophy of Science Jerry Ravetz To outward appearances the academic discipline of ‘the philosophy of science’ has in recent times been an austere and abstract study. Its concerns have been with one major problem, to the near exclusion of all others. The truthclaims of completed scientific knowledge have been considered to […]

Analyse und Kritik

Analyse und Kritik Anton Leist * & Kritik is a new journal for the sciences in West Germany. In the following article, Anton Leist, one of its editors, explains the editorial aims. Analyse sO~lal I Historical background During the 1960s the social sciences in West Germany were, in Kuhn’s phrase, in a state of ‘crisis’; […]

Revolution and Discontinuity

rather than sweep them away in a torrent of technical jargon. On the other hand, there can be no general recipe for clarity and good style, if only because the personal flair of the writer will always, and rightly, be a contributory factor, and because the nature of the material under consideration must to some […]

Thomas Kuhn, 1922-1996

Symposium Thomas Kuhn, 1922–1996Paradigms as soft structures Kuhnʼs The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was, despite the modesty of its author, a revolutionary work. Like Darwinʼs Origin of Species (with which it shares many other likenesses), its wider cultural and political resonances far exceeded the intentions and expectations of its author – both in scope and […]