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Everybody thinks

Deleuze, Descartes and rationalism
by / RP 162 (Jul/Aug 2010) / Article

In his 1968 book Difference and Repetition, Gilles Deleuze famously stresses the violent, unnatural and shocking character of thought, counterposing his own anti-representational philosophy of difference to what he depicts as a dogmatic, humanist ‘image of thought’. In his own words: ‘“Everybody” knows very well that in fact men think rarely, …

William James: An ethics of thought?

by / RP 157 (Sep/Oct 2009) / Article

William James’s pragmatism, and in particular the thesis according to which the sole truth of ideas is the difference that they make, and therefore also the interest that they create, has often been felt to be an offence by those who consider themselves to be engaged ‘for’ thought. [1] Shouldn’t ideas …

Vocabulary of European Philosophies, Part 2 (Object)

by , , and / RP 139 (Sep/Oct 2006) / Article


Gegenstand/Objekt Dominique Pradelle

Object Olivier Boulnois

Res Jean-François Courtine

61 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 061 (Summer 1992) / Reviews

Bernard Harrison, Inconvenient Fictions: Literature and the Limits of Theory Genevieve Lloyd

Len Doyal and lan Gough, A Theory of Human Need Roger Harris

Gregor McLennan, Marxism, Pluralism and Beyond Kevin Magill

Krishnan Kumar, Utopianism Ruth Levitas, The Concept of Utopia Ernst Bloch, Heritage of Our Times Vincent Geoghegan

Ellie Ragland Sullivan and Mark Bracher, …