The Right To Protest

News The right to protestAs Quebec erupts over plans to increase tuition fees by the equivalent of £200, and twelve people (including Professor Joshua Clover) who protested against a campus bank at University of California–Davis begin a trial that could see them imprisoned for eleven years and fined $1 million each, what of the scores […]

Dearing Boring

Commentary Dearing Boring: The massification of higher education Roger harris My heart has been sinking as RPʼs deadline approached and the Dearing debate, on which I rashly agreed to write, has guttered rather than blazed. Commentaries are now plentiful and repetitive. Across the spectrum flags have long been nailed to their respective masts. Drafts I […]

‘New Providers’

Commentary ‘New providers’ The creation of a market in higher education Andrew mcgettigan At the end of 2009, the Labour government commissioned a review panel, led by John Browne, formerly chief executive of the London-based oil and gas multinational BP, to report on the financing of higher education in England. Its basic remit was to […]

Against Education Cuts

Reports from the protests by those campaigning against the cuts to educations, including Nina Power on the centrality of women.