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Risked democracy

Foucault, Castoriadis and the Greeks
by / RP 166 (Mar/Apr 2011) / Article

The delay involved in the publication of lectures or seminars has strange effects: what comes late and in a different time to its own is research and words which were caught up – more so than the books – in the historical circumstances of their elaboration; and the text that is finally published, with the reflections of the author and the remarks of the audience, carries something of the historical […]

Nihilism and faith

Rose, Bernstein and the future of Critical Theory
by / RP 134 (Nov/Dec 2005) / Article

Democratic materialism and the materialist dialectic

by / RP 130 (Mar/Apr 2005) / Article

Jacques Derrida, 1930–2004

by , , , , and / RP 129 (Jan/Feb 2005) / Obituary

In an interview with Le Monde published a couple of months before his death at the age of 74 from pancreatic cancer on Friday 9 October 2004, Jacques Derrida confirmed what many already knew, that he was ʻdangerously illʼ, ʻat war against myselfʼ. If questions of ʻsurvivalʼ had always ʻhauntedʼ him, this, he said, took on new meaning in the light of both his pressing health problems and peopleʼs tendency […]

A new world art?

Documenting Documenta 11
by / RP 122 (Nov/Dec 2003) / Article

‘The history of truth’

Alain Badiou in French philosophy
by / RP 115 (Sep/Oct 2002) / Article

Bodies and power, revisited

by / RP 114 (Jul/Aug 2002) / Article

Uncategorical imperatives

Adorno, Badiou and the ethical turn
by / RP 111 (Jan/Feb 2002) / Article

Ethics without others

A reply to Critchley on Badiou’s Ethics
by / RP 102 (Jul/Aug 2000) / Article

Philosophy and politics

by / RP 096 (Jul/Aug 1999) / Article

Cantor, Lacan, Mao, Beckett, meme combat

The philosophy of Alain Badiou
by / RP 093 (Jan/Feb 1999) / Article

Romanticism and technology

by / RP 072 (Jul/Aug 1995) / Article

Charles Taylor, Strong Hermeneutics and the Politics of Difference

by / RP 068 (Autumn 1994) / Article

Truth and Relativity: An Exchange

1. Sean Sayers' Relativism; 2. Once more on Relative Truth: A Reply to Skillen
by and / RP 064 (Summer 1993) / Article

Habermas on Heidegger and Foucault

Meaning and Validity in The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity
by / RP 061 (Summer 1992) / Article

Feminism and Pragmatism

by / RP 059 (Autumn 1991) / Article

When two women ascended to the Supreme Court of Minnesota, Catherine MacKinnon asked: ‘Will they use the tools of law as women, for all women?’ She continued as follows: I think that the real feminist issue is not whether biological males or biological females hold positions of power, although it is utterly essential that women be there. And I am not saying that viewpoints have genitals. My issue is what […]

Revealing the Truth of Art

by / RP 058 (Summer 1991) / Article

Television Fictions

Quality and Truth-Telling
by / RP 057 (Spring 1991) / Article

Writing the Revolution

The Politics of Truth in Genet's Prisoner of Love
by / RP 056 (Autumn 1990) / Article

Searching for Ancestors

by / RP 054 (Spring 1990) / Article