Political physics

EDITORIAL Intellectual journals have their moments; if they’re lucky more than one. But to sustain themselves over decades, they have to change (or become part of an establishment), and change more than once. With this issue, Radical Philosophy marks forty-five years as a collectively edited, selfpublished and still largely self-produced print journal. It is still […]

John Mepham, 1938–2012: An English Marxist

Obituaries An English Marxist John Mepham, 1938–2012 John Mepham, one of the founding editors of Radical Philosophy, died in London, in September, aged 73. ^ He was a fine thinker and much valued teacher, whose expertise ranged across science, philosophy and literature. During his period as a lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sussex […]

Pirate Radical Philosophy

Comment Pirate Radical Philosophy Gary hall Pirate … from the Latin pirata (-ae; pirate)… transliteration of the Greek piratis (pirate; πειρατής) from the verb pirao (make an attempt, try, test, get experience, endeavour, attack; πειράω). … In modern Greek… piragma: teasing [πείραγμα] … pirazo: tease, give trouble [πειράζω].1 Much has been written about the ‘crisis […]

David Macey, 1949-2011: Biographer of the French intellectual Left

Obituary Biographer of the French intellectual Left David Macey, 1949–2011 David Macey died from complications of lung cancer on 7 October. He embodied the paradox of being a fine public intellectual while remaining an intensely private person. He was one of the best intellectual historians of his generation and added appreciably to scholarly knowledge, yet […]

RP is 40…

Since its first issue in January 1972, Radical Philosophy has been edited and published without outside support by an Editorial Collective. In 2012 we will be celebrating 40 years of collective self-publishing, and there has never been a better time to support the journal by taking out an annual subscription. Full details of subscription rates for 2012 […]

Reviewing Rancière. Or, the persistence of discrepancies: Dossier: The Althusser–Rancière Controversy

Dossier: The Althusser–Rancière Controversy

Reviewing Rancière Or, the persistence of discrepancies Bruno bosteels In the nearly four decades since its original publication, Althusser’s Lesson has acquired a certain mythical aura as the dark precursor of things to come. Even with the wealth of translations of Jacques Rancière’s work that have been published at an increasingly feverish pace over the […]

Philosophy for children

Philosophy for children Matthew charles A well‑orchestrated public relations campaign led pri‑marily by educational charity The Philosophy Shop has helped raise the profile of the philosophy for children movement in the UK significantly over the last few years. Whilst The Philosophy Shop has been promoting its ‘Four Rs’ campaign to make ‘Reason‑ing’ a central feature […]

RP at Spike Island

Radical Philosophy will have a stall this Saturday selling the latest issue and discounted back issues of the journal in the Artists’ Books and Zine Fair at Spike Island, Bristol: “Again, A Time Machine is a fluid tour of new commissions and archival presentations drawn from the 27 year history of Book Works, a London based contemporary […]

Radical Philosophy Conference 2011 Programme

Friday 21 October 2011 Columbia University, New York (Note: Click on session titles for abstracts) 9.00–9.30 – Registration 9.30–9.45 – Introductions: Gayatri Spivak, Peter Osborne, Etienne Balibar 9.45–11.15 – Opening Plenary: Postcolonial Worlds 1 Chair: Gayatri Spivak ‘Bilingual Thoughts on Knowledge and Action’ Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui (Workshop on Andean Oral History, Bolivia) ‘On the Question […]

Radical Philosophy Conference 2011

Friday 21st October 2011, 9am – 7.30pm. Venue: Room 311 School of Social Work Columbia University 1255 Amsterdam Avenue & 121 Street Map Sessions: Postcolonial Worlds ∙ Representing Capitalism ∙ Biocapital and Security ∙ Temporalities of Crisis ∙ Politics of Information ∙ Speakers: Claudia Aradau – RP/International Relations, King’s College London Souleymane Bachir Daigne – […]

65 Editorial

EDITORIAL The Radical Philosophy Group, so the mission statement on the inside cover used to announce, grew in part out of opposition to ‘the sterile and complacent philosophy taught in British universities and colleges’. And, as any radical philosopher would have told you, nothing more typified this sterility and complacency than the school of ‘linguistic […]

61 Editorial

EDITORIAL Since the late ’80s, all those with sympathies on the Left have had to reconsider their position. In the editorial of the last RP, Greg Elliott, from a knowledge of the recent history of Western Marxism, considered the changed situation of marxist philosophy over the twenty years of RP’s existence. He expressed opposition to […]

Analyse und Kritik

Analyse und Kritik Anton Leist * & Kritik is a new journal for the sciences in West Germany. In the following article, Anton Leist, one of its editors, explains the editorial aims. Analyse sO~lal I Historical background During the 1960s the social sciences in West Germany were, in Kuhn’s phrase, in a state of ‘crisis’; […]

An Editor Speaks

AN EDITOR SPEAKS J onathan Ree’ s ‘Editorial’ in R P2 0 des cribes itself as a ‘farewell performance’ written to mark his retirement as the magazine’s editorial secretary. Since the piece is a personal, occasional statement, it may seem officious to take up further space merely in order to indicate that this Editorial’s views […]

Ordinary Language

immediately; he cannot see it, as it were, face to face •.• Instead of dealing with the things themselves man is in a sense constantly conversing with himself. He has so enveloped himself in linguistic forms, in artistic images, in mythical symbols or religious rites that he cannot see or know anything except by the […]