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Contemporary art is postconceptual art
by / RP 183 (Jan/Feb 2014) / Article

Peter Osborne, Anywhere or Not At All: Philosophy of Contemporary Art, Verso, London and New York, 2013. vi + 282 pp., £60.00 hb., £19.95 pb., 978 1 78168 113 8 hb., 978 1 78168 094 0 pb. Numbers in parentheses in the main text refer to page numbers of this book. ‘The coming together of different times that constitute the contemporary, and the relations between the social spaces in which […]

Politics in a Tragic Key

by / RP 180 (July/Aug 2013) / Article

In memory of Joel Olson (1967-2012) In the quarter-century or so since the obscure disaster of the Soviet bloc’s collapse, two words have been pinned to that of ‘communism’ with liberal abandon: ‘tragedy’ and ‘transition’. Tragedy, to signify the magnitude of suffering, but not the greatness of the enterprise; the depth of the fall, but not the rationality of the ambition. Transition, to capitalism, shadowed by the enumeration of crimes, […]

Spontaneous generation

The fantasy of the birth of concepts in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
by / RP 179 (May/Jun 2013) / Article

In the second edition of the Critique of Pure Reason, at the end of the transcendental deduction of the categories, Kant distinguishes the doctrine of transcendental idealism from competing theories of knowledge – or, more specifically, theories of the relation between concepts and experience – by characterizing them in terms of various theories of biological generation. Transcendental idealism, he writes there, is ‘a system of the epigenesis of pure reason’, […]

Also Sprach Zapata

Philosophy and resistance
by / RP 171 (Jan/Feb 2012) / Article

Each strives by physical force to compel the other to submit to his will: each endeavours to throw hisadversary, and thus render him incapable of further resistance. (Clausewitz, On War, 1832) Receive our truth in your dancing heart. Zapatalives, also and for always in these lands. (Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee ZNLA, ‘Votan-Zapata or Five Hundred Years of History’, 1994) 2011 may well be remembered as the year of resistance.* The uprisings […]

Sex: a transdisciplinary concept

From structure to rhizome: transdisciplinarity in French thought (1)
by / RP 165 (Jan/Feb 2011) / Article

What is sex? Some feminists have harboured suspicions about this form of question, given its philosophical (or ‘metaphysical’1) pedigree. But philosophy no longer has the disciplinary monopoly on it. Indeed, with regard to sex, the more interesting task today is to pose and to attempt to answer the question from within a transdisciplinary problematic. For the question requires a theoretical response capable of recognizing that it concerns a cultural and […]

Imaginative mislocation

Hiroshima’s Genbaku Dome, ground zero of the twentieth century
by / RP 162 (Jul/Aug 2010) / Article

The average Westerner … was wont to regard Japan as barbarous while she indulged in the gentle arts of peace: he calls her civilized since she began to commit wholesale slaughter on Manchurian battlefields. Kakuzo Okakura, The Book of Tea, 1906 The controversy that erupted in March over the publication of Charles Pellegrino’s account of the atomic bombings of Japan, The Last Train from Hiroshima, suggests that the historical legacy […]

What is – or what is not – contemporary French philosophy, today?

by / RP 161 (May/Jun 2010) / Article

The question that serves as the title of my lecture,* the question that motivates this lecture, is sustained by a negation that is absolutely necessary to the construction of the problematic I aim here to open. For I have found no other means than the ‘labour of the negative’, in the most literal sense, to submit my claim to the order of reasons that has led to the absence in […]

Children of postcommunism

by / RP 159 (Jan/Feb 2010) / Article

Transitology and the infantilization of postcommunist societies (part of RP 159′s dossier on ‘The Postcommunist Condition’).

After life

De anima and unhuman politics
by / RP 155 (May/Jun 2009) / Article

The Substance of Thought, Cornell University, NY, 10–12 April 2008

by / RP 150 (Jul/Aug 2008) / Conference Report

Grounding Deleuze

by / RP 148 (Mar/Apr 2008) / Article

The absolute artwork meets the absolute commodity

by / RP 146 (Nov/Dec 2007) / Article

An immanent transcendental

Foucault, Kant and critical philosophy
by / RP 141 (Jan/Feb 2007) / Article

Vocabulary of European Philosophies, Part 2 (Object)

by , , and / RP 139 (Sep/Oct 2006) / Article

Introduction Gegenstand/Objekt Dominique Pradelle Object Olivier Boulnois Res Jean-François Courtine

Vocabulary of European Philosophies, Part 1 (Subject)

by , , and / RP 138 (Jul/Aug 2006) / Article

Étienne Balibar, Barbara Cassin, Alain de Libera Introduction by Peter Osborne.

Transcendental cinema

Deleuze, time and modernity
by / RP 130 (Mar/Apr 2005) / Article

The reproach of abstraction

by / RP 127 (Sep/Oct 2004) / Article

Karatani’s Marxian parallax

by / RP 127 (Sep/Oct 2004) / Article

The sublime from Lyotard to Schiller

Two readings of Kant and their political significance
by / RP 126 (Jul/Aug 2004) / Article

The ethics of conviction

Marxism, ontology and religion
by / RP 121 (Sep/Oct 2003) / Article