Noam Chomsky: Freedom and power

Interview noam chomsky Freedom and power Peter hallward I’d like to start by asking you about some of your basic philosophical principles, starting with your understanding of human freedom and creativity. In the modern European tradition I’m most familiar with, freedom is a dominant philosophical theme from Descartes through Rousseau to Kant. With Kant we […]

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky An Interview RP: In the 19S0s and ’60s, the bridge between your theoretical work and your political work seems to have been the attack on behaviourism, which then dominated not only psychology but the various social sciences as well, which were often used to justify capitalism and imperialism. But now, partly because of […]

Dissident Intellectuals: East and West, RPG Reports, etc.

News DISSIDENT INTELLECTUALS: EAST ANDWEST l.Yugoslavia: philosophers sacked According to press reports eight philosophy teachers have lost their jobs at Belgrade University as a result of political pressure. Mihailo l;larkovic, Ljubomir Tadic, svetozar stejanovic, and the 0th8rs, formed the Belgrade wing of the philosophical tendency associated with the journal Praxis. The Zabreb wing has also […]