Yugoslavia, US, RPG Reports etc.

issues, in fact, Aarons and Dewey are interchangeable. Dewey expresses Aarons’ main problem as follows: The problem of restoring integration and co-operation between man’s beliefs about the world in which he lives and his beliefs about the values and purposes that should direct his conduct is the deepest problem of modern life. It is the […]

Dissident Intellectuals: East and West, RPG Reports, etc.

News DISSIDENT INTELLECTUALS: EAST ANDWEST l.Yugoslavia: philosophers sacked According to press reports eight philosophy teachers have lost their jobs at Belgrade University as a result of political pressure. Mihailo l;larkovic, Ljubomir Tadic, svetozar stejanovic, and the 0th8rs, formed the Belgrade wing of the philosophical tendency associated with the journal Praxis. The Zabreb wing has also […]

Reports from Oxford, USA, Sydney, etc.

REPORTS OXFORD MEETING Finally it was agreed that there should be another National Conference in the summer. to be held in London early in the summer vacation. An attempt would be made to involve other radical groups, such as radical psychologists, sociologists and economists, and more activist groups such as radical teachers, social workers, ‘prisoners […]

Reports from Kent, London, Oxford

REPORTS HEm ~!……Discussion Weekend at Universi t..L..£.f2 ent , ,?2::.?Z__ .:!..~e first, insofar as its ‘problems’ arc emplr ~~l’: _ l,rohlems (knowledge of the external world, causality, other minJ~, personal identity, etc.), and secondly, insofar as it retain the same ideological orientation as classical empiricism. Epistemology is by its very nature prescriptive; it is for […]

Friendly fire: The hoaxing of Social Text

NEWS Friendly fire The hoaxing of Social Text W hen the editorial committee of the US journal Social Text chose ʻScience Warsʼ as the title for last yearʼs special double issue (nos 46–47, Spring/Summer 1996), they could hardly have guessed how apt it would prove to be – not as a description of its contents, […]

Dictating research: Feminist philosophy and the RAE; The case of economics

News Dictating researchFeminist philosophy and the RAEIn an essentially contested subject such as philosophy, it makes little sense for a small Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) Panel to make judgements across the whole breadth of the discipline, however well-intentioned that panel might be. As I work between the ʻcontinentalʼ and ʻanalyticalʼ traditions – in the field […]

The Society for European Philosophy

News Thesociety for european philosophy Following an appeal published in Radical Philosophy, and widely distributed to academic departments in the UK, a meeting was held at Birkbeck College in London on 28 June this year to found a new philosophical society. Its aim is to bring together all those in Britain who are working in […]

Women philosophers and the RAE

News Women philosophers and the RAEThe Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) is an organization which attempts to reflect and represent the views and interests of women working in all fields and all traditions of philosophical inquiry. It also supports the publication of the Womenʼs Philosophy Review, which provides the only British forum for the […]

Flirting with fascism – the Sloterdijk debate

According to a recent article in The Observer (10 October 1999) the fashionable dinner tables of German society are buzzing with controversy over ʻthe death of critical theory and the future of metaphysicsʼ. The article refers to a debate provoked by a conference address given at Elmau in Bavaria last July by Peter Sloterdijk. His […]

Compulsory downshifting

News Compulsory downshiftingThe landmark case of the Open University v. its part-time staff is grinding its way through the courts towards likely victory for the associate staff on pro-rata fulltime employment benefits. Whilst this highlights a particularly bad case of handme-down employment conditions in the HE sector (one recent estimate puts pay at £8.00 per […]

Holocaust Day

News Holocaust day The inauguration of a Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK on 27 January 2001 was a belated recognition of the central trauma of the twentieth century, and of the suffering of the (relatively few) Jewish refugees and survivors who came to Britain before and after the war, members of a generation now […]

Whose war?

News Whose war? George Bush called it an act of war. He has rarely been good with words, but this time he was quite right. And an astonishingly brutal and vicious act of war it was. Nevertheless, the stunning violence of the attacks of 11 September does not by itself signal the beginning of a […]

Eclipse: The Anti-war Review

News Eclipse: The Anti-war ReviewAfter the attacks of September 11th the US administration moved with unnerving speed to produce a simple narrative to explain what had happened, and to justify a war in response to it. According to this narrative, the attacks had been organized by an international network of terrroists led by Osama bin […]